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Verry Berry Spring is here!

Hello Everyone!

Here is Betina speaking! Spring is here and we are so happy with the amount of sunlight we are having here in the south of Sweden this year! It is amazing and so inspiring!

Many things happened this month. Family, new work (Betina), knee surgery (Natalia) and wool 24/7 in our lives! Crazy? Maybe, but we are so grateful about it all. ;)

So let's start! First of all, many of us celebrate Mother's Day in May, right?! Natalia and I have our own kids (well, mine are already young adults!), but we both have the opinion that mothers are all those wonderful people that take care of someone else. It can be a grandma, an aunt, a father; anyone can be a mother figure to someone else, you name it! The most important is to celebrate the person that helped us to grow inside and out! So Happy Mother's Day from us to all mothers here!

Inspired with the beautiful flowers blooming around, we created the "Hello Spring" collection in sock yarn. Magnolia, Orchidee, Krokus and Blå Kosmos are so colorful and very inspiring for summer projects. They are already in the webshop, take a look!

We also brought back the "Very Berry" collection, also in sock yarn, with slightly different colors, but still delicious! Smultron, Blåbär, Björnbär and Nypon are coming soon! You can find all our Berries here!

With the sun shinning and the temperatures rising it was time to start our dyeing garden. This year we planted more woad (blue) and dyers chamomile (yellow), we still have our Lady's bedstraw (red) growing from last year, and planted new plants: weld (yellow) and madder (red). Madder and Lady's bedstraw give red colors from their roots and therefore we need to wait for at least two years to be able to harvest them. Oh! We left a few woad plants from last year to have flowers and seeds. Our blues are in full bloom!

Also together with this, we are slowly coloring some of our Jämtland wool! We have already a few purple and lilac dyed with logwood, and mustard dyed with red dahlias. We are preparing them for a few summer markets this year. The first one will be July 10th in Sundsgårdens folkhögskola and the second one, Haendigt Marknard, will happened between 11 and 14th of August. Are you coming to visit us there?

Finally we are working with the beautiful Brasilwood chips we got from Ulf Johansson last year. We mentioned him before. He makes wonderful bows for violin, viola and cello using brasilwood and saves the wood chips for us! We were saving them with so much love, and now, after some studies, we finally started dyeing some wool with them. Well, this will be very special! Keep an eye in our Instagram or Facebook, we may also announce it with a special email to our followers, but there won't be many, so be quick!

I also would like to mention here that you can always talk to us via DM in Instagram, Facebook or directly to our email (! We will do our best to answer you as soon as possible!


Betina and Natalia

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I love the dark red and purple of the jamatland yarn. The wood chip colours are awesome

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