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Hello Spring

Hi everyone!

Natalia speaking here. We have been quite silent for a while but a lot of things have been happening behind the scenes.

First things first, I got my knee fixed first day in April! It has been a long time coming and I am really happy about it. I have a long recovery period ahead but I am sure I will rise much better and with a lot more reliable knee by the end of it.

Another news that we have is that Betina is starting a new job May 2nd! Being self employed is not an easy task and having a fixed and continuous source of income is something we should rejoice. This does mean that we will have to slow down a bit here at Alltkemi but we won't stop!

Now of more yarn-y news. We are very heppy to present you the Hello Spring sock yarn collection. We will have 4 colorways all inspired by flowers. They are: Krokus, Blue Cosmos, Magnolia and Orchid. Which one do you like the most?

Together with the new collection, and as with any spring house cleaning we decided to start a Spring Cleaning sale of our Fall/Winter yarns in the webshop. The sale will be live together with the new collection and there is not need for codes! All of those yarns below are with a 20% discount. Come to our Webshop and get some new colors for your spring knitting projects. We have some amazing yarn bases available!

We are also working on a new Jämtland yarn for the Summer and I hope we can have a blog post soon all about it. We also hope to be able to bring it to Haendigt in August. Talking about Haendigt and festivals, we will have a small stand there and we are are hoping to meet most of you! Please let us know what would you like us to bring? Which colors and weights? We prepared a form and we would be super happy if you could help us What should we bring to Haendigt.

I think this is all for now. Have a really nice Easter! We talk to you again in May.


Natalia and Betina

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