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Happy New Year

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year! We hope 2022 will bring health and good things to everyone!

Let’s talk about our latest activities!

After so much work preparing for the Christmas Fairs (which was a great joy!), we decided to take a (deserved) break and focus on our families. We enjoyed the snow outside and the coziness of our homes during the darker days.

But the most important thing was that, after the Christmas Fairs we received our latest Jämtland collection! It is a worsted weight wool, incredibly soft and with some unevenness which makes it looks hand spun. We got two colors: natural white and natural gray, which was created by blending white and black.

They are awesome and we created a special pattern for them! Oh, how to value a Swedish yarn if not with a traditional Scandinavian star?! So, we created a pattern for a lovely and versatile beanie, which you can knit using the two colors and add a pompom if you feel like it. But, you can also use for other projects like a sweater or a vest. The uneven thread creates a wonderful fabric and we cannot wait to test in other projects.

Before we are able to place this beautiful new yarn in our webshop, we need to wash all the skeins and have them ready for you. How we wash them? Natalia created our own wool soap, which is hand made using lanolin and many other natural oils. Here is a small video from her personal account on Instagram (@high_voltage_knits)

It is also very durable! We are washing all our local produced yarn, plus our personal wooly items and it works great!

In other news, Natalia finished her Hiberknitalong 2021 Shawl from Westknits. Did any of you entered in this Knit Along? She choose a wonderful triangular shaped shawl (there was a semi circular one too) and the main color she dyed with Logwood. All this during our break! Here is a photo of the finished shawl.

If you would like to make one too we suggest you to use for the main color any of our Organic Merino, you will need 2 skeins. It is a soft wool that can be used very close to the skin and I am sure you will have fun matching it with a variegated yarn ;) You can find all the Organic Merino colors available here.

Our new Jämtland Yarn is coming soon, but take a look in our webshop! We still have so many beautiful colors and bases for you to choose.

Happy January and we see each other again in February with news from the dye pots!

Betina & Natalia

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