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Seasons Greetings

Dear Friends!

The end of the year is almost here and we would like to tell you a bit of what we have done so far. We skipped November with our blog because we were two busy bees, working like maniacs! So, we have now lots to tell you.

After the summer collection we started preparing our winter collection with new yarn bases. We bought white and gray yarns from Kampes, which is a Swedish spinning mill. They sell yarns in white, different shades of gray and also colored yarn, but those colors are not natural. We decided to test their white and gray to dye in our way and we created a wonderful range of 14 different colors! It is awesome! You can see all of them in the picture below.

We also decided to try another base, which is Organic Merino that comes from Patagonia, Argentina and it is GOTs certified (you can read more about GOTs certification and why it is good here). The sheep are mulesing free, organically raised and fair trade. The wool is wonderfully soft! For this beauty we decided to go for fall/winter colors, varying from beige, brown, red, green and mixed colors. You can see them all below!

Those two new releases are “sport weight” and they are great in different ways! We highly recommend the first one that we called “Kampes” for Hönsestrik or any other color work. Anna Bauer, a Swedish designer, has written many patterns using exactly this yarn. The second “Organic Merino” we recommend for anything that you would like to use an exceptionally soft yarn with great stitch definition like hats, shawls, pullovers, etc.

To continue with our new releases, I couldn’t forget to mention that we now have Mohair! We were not sure if the dyeing process would work as good as for the other bases. Not because of the capacity of absorbing color, but because we were afraid that some dyeing material would attach to the furry fibers and we would not be able to clean them. Imagine that? Well, we did it! And it worked pretty well. Check out the 4 beautiful colors we have! And they will match perfectly all the colors we are offering no matter which base you choose.

Oh! We have created one more of the self stripping socks! Kudos to Natalia! With her ingenuity and lots of sweat, she found a way to rewind the yarn and be able to dye it in a way that created self stripping socks. Check out the pics (Spooktastick, launched in October and Candy Cane, launched for the Christmas markets). It was lots of work, but they were amazing! Well, they sold out on the Christmas markets, but we are seriously thinking about creating more. It just depends on you! Please, let us know if you are interested and which colors you would like to see (see below how). It can be a maximum of 3 colors, but preferable 2 or two shades of one color. If we have many people interested, we may create more for sure!

We also created a survey to help us narrow down the colors you would like to see in our future self-stripping socks and also asking you about a possible sock club. We would really like to hear your thoughts. We created a Google Form with a few questions and it will be great if you could spend a minute to answer us at: Sock Questions.

We have being to two Christmas Markets (Kulturen in Lund, Sweden and Björnstorps Slot in Genarp, Sweden)! It was an amazing experience and we had the opportunity to get to know some of you!

Specially for those markets, we created some Christmas sock yarns that were absolutely cute! “Very Christmas”, “Christmas Lights” and “Candy Cane”(Polkagris) were a success and all sold out! But we will have some snowflakes back in the shop.

You can slide right to see all the colors.

Last but not least, we created DIY (Do It Yourself) boxes! The boxes are amazing (actually that’s the way we started our passion!), and they come with a skein of SW Merino sock yarn, alum to prepare the yarn to receive the colors, some natural dyes and with the instructions on how to do it literally by yourself! The instructions come in a pamphlet, and there is also a QR code to a video with clear steps of the process. Would you like to give it a try?

Now, for our wonderful subscribers, take a look in our next e-mail! There will be a special “Thank you” offer, just for you!

We want to wish you all a Wonderful Christmas (God Jul in Swedish), but also Happy Holidays for everyone! We hope the new year 2022 will come with lots of good things to all of us and hopefully with the end of the Covid restrictions we will have many more chances to meet, right?!

Season Greetings to all of you, from us and our families!

Betina & Natalia

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I like the DIY socks That could be a fun project with my grandkids

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