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Happy Easter/ Glad Påsk!

Why do people celebrate Easter with eggs? Some say it was a pagan holiday tradition to celebrate the spring with the eggs representing new life. Others say this is a Christian tradition symbolizing the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But why do people color and hide them for kids to hunt? Early Christian missionaries used to paint biblical scenes on the eggs and hide them. The kids had to find them, tell the story associated with the painting, and therefore learn about Easter. Hunting eggs and the joy of finding a surprise inside turned into a tradition around the world! We at Alltkemi absolutely love a good egg hunt and of course, we colored them with natural colors!

So, how to naturally dye eggs? Well, first of all, like any natural dye, it needs patience! The process can be quite long, but the benefits are the beautiful colors and being able to eat the eggs afterward, so no food waste! Then, let’s start!


white eggs (light brown may work too)

egg carton

small stainless steel pan



white vinegar

dye material

How to do it:

First place the uncooked eggs in a stainless steel pan. Add water until you cover the eggs with at least 1 cm on top. Add the chosen natural dye and 1 tablespoon of vinegar per cup of water. Cover and bring to a boil, then reduce the heat and let it simmer for 15-20 min. Once finished, let it cool inside the bath. Carefully remove the eggs from the bath with a spoon and let them air dry (you can use the egg carton upside down to place the eggs to dry).


1. the longer the eggs stay in the dye bath the deeper the color. Cabbage may need to stay in the bath overnight (placed in the fridge) in order to achieve deeps blues.

2. You may use leaves (parsley for example), ribbons, and other things to create a nice effect. When using leaves you can hold them with a pantyhose.

We hope you enjoy the process and eating them afterward!

Happy Easter/ Glad Påsk!

Betina and Natalia

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