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From Brazil to Sweden

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Hi, I guess the first post in the blog requires a bit of an introduction. We are Betina and Natalia, the two persons behind Alltkemi.

Betina is a chemical Engineer, has a son and a daugther, a lovely golden retriver, and lives in a village (Södra Sandby) close to Lund surrounded by nature.

Natalia is a physicist, has two sons and two cats, lives in Lund, have traveled and moved around too many times to count and hopes Sweden will be her final home.

We are both Brazilians and know each other for a long time. Through fate and luck we became almost neighboors in Sweden in 2017. In the summer of 2020 we decided to experiment with natural dyes, since handcrafts are not strange to both of us. From there, it was a one way road, we started and couldn't stop. Soon we were able to spot plants used for dyeing from miles away and quickly increased our yarn stash by quite a volume. We decided we needed an output for all this creativity and so Alltkemi was born!

We wish to create a cosy and inclusive virtual space that everyone can enjoy and share the knowledge and the passion for all things natural! We will keep this first post short and slowly give you more details about us, our lives and our new journey, which starts NOW!


Betina and Natalia

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